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Story, Shop

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Londinus Plains

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No information

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Mind Gem

Speed Gem

Taigalion is one of 3 starter golems you can choose, if you do not get him at the start you can buy his core in the shops. Taigalion has the highest attack and HP out of the three starters. Its appearance is a bipedal white tiger with a red star on its forehead. It has 30 VP which means it often unable to battle quicker than most of your other golems and people. While it initially does not have enough EP for its strongest attack Mighty Blow it very quickly becomes powerful. However it has no elemental attacks so it cannot deal double damage to any enemies.

Taigalion is an earth element and will take double damage from Wind Golems


A small earth Golem used in many homes as either children's toys or assistants.

While it possesses a bright, cheerful personality, it also has a wild side to it that makes it more popular with men as opposed to women and children.

Uses its sharp claws to attack those it deems to be enemies.



Mighty Blow

Power Charge +

Wild Stats:Edit

Londinus Plains:

Level:7 Direct: 144 Ranged: 83 Support: 83 Agility: 174 Average attack damage: Blow 40 Mighty Blow 110

Training TipsEdit

Early on you will want to boost this golem's EP up so it can use mighty blow, which is a non-elemental variation of Flare Rush, when combine with Power Charge + it can really do damage.

The main two stats you will want to raise are HP as this golem can easily be killed by wind moves from Vandog, Yokohama Guard and Werewolf early on. The second-main stat to raise is direct damage, this will increase both Blow and Might Blows damage making this golem a decent fighter early on in the game.

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