Spooky Boo


Spooky Boo



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Yokohama City

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No information

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Spooky Boo is a Dark Type golem acquired from defeating it inside Professor Kou's Research Labs.

Background Edit

Made from enchanted cloth, Spooky Boo is rumoured to have come about when a mother enchanted a cloth so her child would have something to play with. Now used as playthings or training dummies.

Appearance Edit

Spooky Boo looks like a typical sheet ghost stretched over a centre sphere and patched together from different rags. Having stitch marks all over it, it has two glowing blue eyes made from holes in the cloth revealing the sphere underneath.

Abilities Edit

Spooky Boo is a dark type golem using gravity as its main form of attack. Its skills include -:

Gravity: A ranged attack that hits a 3x3 square 1 square ahead of Spooky Boo. It inflicts damage and the gravity ailment.

EP Drain: A ranged attack that hits a 3 square row, 2 squares ahead of Spooky Boo. It drains HP from the enemy and gives it to Boo.

Body Attack: A direct physical attack, it strikes enemies in a 2 square column directly in front of Spooky Boo.

Cancel Gravity: A Support Skill which makes Spooky Boo immune to the Gravity Ailment.