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Queen of Ice



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The Queen of Ice is a Devil Golem with several hundred times the Ether capacity and power of an average Golem, sealed within Yokohama City. A combat Golem with the Ice Elemental who can affect the movement of particles to slow, solidify, and shrink objects. This Devil Golem takes the form of a female and is very intelligent. She is the primary antagonist of the game as Atsuma and his friends go on a quest to stop her evil intentions. She is known in legend as the Ice Witch.

Background Edit

A Devil Golem from the Golem War, the Queen of Ice is the primary antagonist of the game. Having been sealed deep within Yokohama University when the city was founded, she remained asleep within the Sealed Ward until Atsuma awoke her with his right arm. She quickly destroyed the city, freezing it.

Appearance Edit

Queen of Ice is a humanoid devil golem. Her skin is seen as almost see-through like ice and wearing black and white colored clothing that has unusual design.

Abilities Edit

As the Devil Golem who presides over Ice, the Queen is incredibly powerful. With a burst of her abilities, she was capable of freezing the whole of Yokohama City, causing its inhabitants to shatter in seconds. In combat, while she is powerful, she alternates between devastating attacks and creating allies for support.