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Professor Kou


Professor Kou





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Yokohama City

Atsuma's teacher at the Yokohama university. Atsuma always seems to fall asleep during his lectures. He seems to have a sadistic look on his face, and other students fear him.

Background Edit

Originally a researcher for the Yokohama Government, he witnessed Atsuma's destructive abilities firsthand and took an interest in him. After the government halted his research into Atsuma's arm and sent the young man to school, Kou retired from his position and followed him. Becoming a teacher at Enchant University, he acts as the lecturer to Atsuma, Toya and Makoto.

Appearance Edit

Kou is a tall man that wears a purple robe, purple pants, black shoes. He has white hair and a scar covering his left eye. In battle he carries the stick that he uses when he teaches.

Abilities Edit

Kou is noted as a very talented researcher and enchanting authority. He spent a lot of time researching Atsuma's arm and creating functioning golem duplicates. he even managed to transform Atsuma's pet dog Cota into a ferocious golem. In combat, he acted as support for his golems while building to devastating attacks.