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London Castle

Background Edit

Raigar's younger brother and Knight Captain of London city, Ooka always felt inferior to Raigar, that no matter what he achieved, his brother was always greater. During the war with Kyoto City, Ooka attacked civilians and Raigar spared him, though in the process Ooka's face was scarred. After this, Raigar left the knights in shame and Ooka became the target of ridicule.

He soon took his revenge on the knights that ridiculed him and swore to become the antithesis of his brother.

Although he makes himself a constant enemy to the party, Raigar refuses to kill him until Ooka attempts to kill Karin in London Castle, forcing Raigar's hand.

Appearance Edit

Ooka wears a long-sleeved shirt that is richly decorated, with long gray pants. His face has a scar that covers his left cheek, and he has dirty blond colored hair. When fighting he is seen carrying two of the same type of blades.

Abilities Edit

Ooka, as a Knight Captain of London City is a powerful combatant, his willingness to win at all costs no matter how dirty his tactics make him a troublesome opponent. His skills include -:

Mega Blade: A strong cut on the enemy rank it strikes a 3 square row directly in front of Ooka. It costs 99 EP.

Power Omega: A support skill that increases Ooka's parameters by 100%. It costs 90 EP.

Impulse: A sword strik that hits an enemy column for three squares ahead of Ooka.

Cross Flame: Ooka's EX Attack, a cross shaped attack that strikes for massive damage against enemies directly in front of Ooka.