Lost golems are golems that have lost their master - Toya, Sealed Ward

As you travel you will notice golems hidden away or at the road side, upon pressing the action button on the golems you will battle them, when you defeat them you will obtain their core, this is the only way to get those types of golem.

Lost Golem listEdit

Sealed Ward

Knight Guardian As you head down the corridor before the giant golems room, there is a all to the right at the end of this hall you will find the 1st lost golem.

Castle Dam

Crazy Pizza In one of the prison cells

Lord onyx Cannot miss it on the roof like area and you exit the dam and before you enter what looks like a sewer, that leads to the inn.

Dariaslez In the sewer area before the in, take one of the ladders down to the lower level and follow the path to find her.

Londinus Plains


In the wilds near the North Forest Exit, you cannot miss it.

Ragau coast

Saber Tiger Cannot miss it near the exit of Ragau Coast Cape heading towards Ragau Cost Warf.

Mermaid Near the gun boat at the start of the ice, in a corner of the yolkhama ruins wall hidden by a big area of ice, there is a shop visible above the area.

Port City

Yokohama Guard In the Port City after the battle when you first approach the stairs take a left down the path at the side.

Palace Gunner Most northern area of the map you will be told you need to find another way into the city, the golem is just a little further up from there

This is clearly not all of them