Londinus plains consists of Four areas:

The Wilds, which has a blocked of road to Yokohoma, and open routes to London city and North Forest

North Forest, links to Wilds, Military Path and "Fire shrine Fire temple". Your first time through here you will meet Yuki, who is failing to catch a Devilin with her bare hands.

Military Path, leads to North Forest and South forest. Boss Battle against Amazonia.

South Forest leads to Ragau Coast fork and Military Path

There is no heal point ANYWHERE in this region.

All the Golems in this area are either dark or earth elementals.

Wild GolemsEdit


Element: Earth

Level 9

Direct 94

Ranged: 157

Support 170


Silent Assassin

Element: Dark


Direct 142

Ranged 142

Support 151

Agility 237


Element Earth

Level 7

Direct 144

Ranged 83

support 83

Agility 174


Element Dark

Level 7

Direct 83

Ranged 107

Support 133

Agility 293

Daisy Blue

Element Earth

Level 11

Direct 207

Ranged 112


Agility 276

Royal Bone

Element Earth

Level 7

Direct 94

Ranged 72

Support 131

Agility 72


Element Earth

Level 8

Direct 91

Ranged 156

Support 156

Agility 118


Lost Golem

Amazonia Earth Element BOSS Drops: Amazonia Core