The player can obtain robotic assistants named Golems to assist in battle. Golems have preset techniques that cannot be modified, but they can level up and use SP. They are also the only characters the player can put in the party that have the Light and Dark attribute (As none of the controllable human characters have these attributes).

Although the player chooses one of three basic golems near the beginning of the game, later golems must be constructed before they can be used. The materials for construction may be purchased or gathered from enemies defeated in encounters. The number of materials varies according to how powerful the golem is, as well as its physical strength, speed, and intelligence.

Up to eight golems and three human characters may accompany the player in the reserve ranks in the 360 version, gaining XP as the player wins battles. Other golems must wait in storage to be used, gaining no XP. Golems may be switched from the party to storage and vice versa by accessing any store location in the world. The PS3 version does not contain the store locations and instead all players and golems reside in the reserve ranks.