Emperor of Fire


Emperor of Fire



Starting Level


Devil Golem

Acquired From

Cannot be Recruited

Fought In

London City Underground

Creation Cost

No information

Power Gem


Mind Gem


Speed Gem


The devil golem hidden in London City Castle. His Magicore was hidden in the Fortress outside the city.

Background Edit

One of the Devil Golems who raged during the Golem War, the Emperor of Fire was one of the three followers of Infinity. When the war ended, he was somehow sealed by the London Royal Family, separating him from his Magicore and keeping him subdued in a constant flow of water in the Shrine behind London Castle. However, the Royal Family, who still possessed the blood of the Ancients could still be used as new magicores for the golem.

Appearance Edit

Before his transformation, the Emperor of Fire appears as a large armoured knight, not unlike those of European history. Unlike the other Devil Golems however, he is never confronted in this form.

After absorbing a Magicore, the Emperor transformed into a massive serpentine creature, similar to a dragon, with his knight like body integrated to the top of it.

Abilities Edit

As the Devil Golem governing Fire, the Emperor possesses devastating offensive abilities including a more powerful variation of Atsuma's first EX attack.

Blow Crusher: An earthquake that hits all enemies in the first two rows. It causes knockback.

Hellfire: A flame strike that hits the middle two squares of the first two rows and the entire back row of the enemy field. It also inflicts gravity.

Restoration: A healing skill that completely restores the Emperor of Fire's HP, EP and EX.

Melt Unit: "Absorbs humans into self" The switch technique where Emperor of Fire takes control and Karin is no longer in danger.

Act Unit: "Exposes absorbed humans" The switch technique where Karin is self aware and Emperor of Fire should not be attacked.

Summon Phoenix: The Emperor of Fire's EX attack. A stronger duplicate of Atsuma's, it strikes all squares on the field except for the back two corners.

Other Edit

Enchanted Arms - Emperor of Fire

Enchanted Arms - Emperor of Fire

shows you what to do when you fight the emperor of fire

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