Devil golems are ancient, powerful entity's created in the golem war by infinity, infinity is often refered to as the "devil
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king" the devil golems are actualy servents to infinity collecting ether for infinitys revival sealed away only to be awoken by coming into contact with devil cores

The devil golems are as follows (first encountered)

Queen of Ice: The Queen of Ice is a Devil Golem with several hundred times the Ether capacity and power of an average Golem, sealed within Yokohama City. A combat Golem with the Ice Elemental who can affect the movement of particles to slow, solidify
Enchanted Arms - Emporer of Fire vs

Enchanted Arms - Emporer of Fire vs. Queen of Ice HD

this is how the golem war was 1000 years ago

, and shrink objects. This Devil Golem takes the form of a female and is very intelligent. She is the primary antagonist of the game as Atsuma and his friends go on a quest to stop her evil intentions. She is known in legend as the Ice Witch. (yokahoma city) ((forbbiden zone))

Emperor of Fire: The devil golem hidden under London city. He possesses devastating fire ether attacks and is absorbed by Atsuma after he is defeated. The Emperor of Fire is known in legend as the Flame Demon. (efreet chamber). He is the first devil golem to be defeated. Once he awekened he engaged the queen of ice in a fight that wreck part of london city. The emperor of fire was dominating the fight, being more agressive, mobile and having more physical strength than the ice queen. However, this costed him the fight, as he pummeled the ice queen into the ground, the street caved in causing both golems to fall, leaving him absolutely vulnerable for a powerful attack from the ice queen.

Lord of Earth: The devil golem hidden somewhere in Kyoto. Though he does not appear powerful he possesses a powerful defense force making him a powerful defensive based golem. He also has Raigar's special EX attack. The Lord of Earth is known in legend as the Stone General. (earth warlords shrine)

Though the golems are just power recipticule's for a being known as Infinity. yet another devil golem who was created to obey one command: to reconstruct all matter in the world and return it to its original state. Infinity was responsible for the events of the game. Infinity is known in legend as the Demon King.