Starting Level


Acquired From

Lost Golem in Londinus Plains

Fought In

Londinus Plains The Wilds

Creation Cost

No information

Power Gem


Mind Gem


Speed Gem


Background Edit

A small wind Golem used as an assistant, often doing household chores or playing with children.

A somewhat stupid creature that is always staring off into space with a dull look.

It doesn't respond well to orders, and its constantly open eyes can be somewhat creepy, but it remains popular among some.

It will do the bare minimum expected in battle and attacks its master's enemies by biting them.

Appearance Edit

Bulldog looks to be based off of a small dog (a pug or bulldog) with it's tongue sticking out. It has blue fur while its paws and its small but floppy ears are yellow.

Abilities Edit

Reverse Bite: A bite that reverses the element of the target. Hits two squares directly in front of Bulldog.

EP Drain Bite: A bite which drains the EP of the target, restoring Bulldog's EP. Hits two squares directly in front of Bulldog.

Unlink Bite: A bite which resets the target's combo gauge. Hits two squares directly in front of Bulldog.

Grab Roar: A non-damage support skill which knocks back enemies and inflicts gravity on them. Hits two squares in front of Bulldog, spaced out by one square.